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The robots that we present to society have as their aim transforming into a part of a newly natural everyday life for many people.
The stance of the Japanese manufacturing industry has changed from one of playing catch-up with Western markets to one that proposes markets from Japan itself. With that, staff creativity and persistence have become important company assets: hard work on its own is no longer able to discover those new things that people don’t yet realize they desire themselves. To get involved with the real essence of creative work, you must set your mind free, face the work you love with sincerity, and throw yourself into it with an almost foolish forthrightness. For all business matters, from management to planning, manufacture, and sales, we want forge ahead as pioneers in the new robotics industry, together with many other forward-thinking creative individuals. What would you say to working together with us, you who can discover a sense of responsibility and hope in that future?

Who Flower Robotics is looking for - A profile

  • An optimist who can discover the value of living in trying out new things
  • A realist who’ll bring to fruition a grounded vision of making not simply that which is novel but “an everyday world with robots.”
  • A specialist who puts a high value on teamwork.

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