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Patin DS


PatinDS is a system for the development of home robots used in "connected homes," which are homes that are networked to enable the connection of IoT devices, and which are expected to become more popular in the future.

Patin, a home robot developed by our company, was redesigned as a mobile robot system for the use of developers.

We are studying the role of this robot as a future system to connect home devices to a network, working together with university research facilities, corporations developing connected homes, and construction personnel, among others, who are currently using PatinDS. We strive every day to make PatinDS the optimal development tool for the people who are working with us to research connected homes.


Size :
Width372mm x Depth372mm x Hight193mm
OS :
Development framework :
Wheel :
Omni wheel / Motor : DC Motor
Battery :
LiPo battery
Intel NUC
Camera Sensor :
Depth camera, Drop prevention sensor, Obstacle detection sensor, Contact sensor, Speaker
Others :
Wi-Fi / USB / adapter

Patin DS Network System
for Connected Homes

About Space recognition

  • - Maps of each room are automatically generated through the use of respective cameras such as depth camera and video camera.
  • - Environmental data such as temperature is also stored in the cloud as part of the map information.
  • - Circuit route is then determined through the AI which analyzes the environmental map data and the height of its SU.

Connexted Home Assistant Function

  • - An environment refresher maintains a comfortable environment.
  • - The optimal operations are selected based on the environment map history (history of past operations and environments).
  • - IoT functionality “HALIOT™️️" is added to home electronics by linking with the equipment.

※PatinDS is not for general sale.
Our company signs separate contracts with architects and robot developers based on the premise of collaborative research on connected homes.

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