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Matsui gave a keynote speech

A general meeting of the East Japan Miwa SD Association was held where Miwa Lock, a key maker used in about 50 countries around the world, gathered people from dealers and held it.
Matsui gave a keynote speech on the future of robots and housing from the relationship with Miwa Lock in the IoT Enterprise Alliance, where Matsui works as a design director. We interacted with various people and actively exchanged opinions on the future society through IoT.

MIWA LOCK Official Web site


Matsui appearance TV program is released on Youtube

"Tokyo Kohsaten" of a Japanese TV program that features various cultural people and creators in Tokyo.
The broadcast featuring Matsui has been uploaded to Youtube.
He talked about the tradition and the way of thinking about the future through robots. Please take a look.

"Tokyo Kohsaten" Official Youtube site


Notice of radio program recording and airing date

It was a recording of a radio program chaired by Ms. Yoko Naganuma, a patent attorney who is also involved in acquiring our intellectual property rights.
We talked about various activities from robots to recent activities.
The music in the program is four songs selected by Matsui on the theme of "crossed cross-cultural”.
Broadcasting Station: Rainbow Town FM 88.5
Program Name: Eleven Music Chiteki Cafe
Broadcast date: April 22nd Monday AM11: 00-12: 00


【Notice of TV program appearance】

Matsui will appear on TV Tokyo's new program "Tokyo Kousaten".
Matsui introduce robot development significance and favorite places in Tokyo.

Program name "Tokyo Kousaten”
Broadcasting Date 4/2 (Tuesday) 21:54-22:00 TV Tokyo (Ch. 7)
Cast: Tatsuya Matsui (Robot Designer)
Narration Yusuke Iseya

Official site


【News of the advertisement appearance】

Matsui appears for the SNS advertisement of the global site of Mitsubishi Motors. The car factories evolve every day. Matsui really go to the spot and talk with engineers of the factory. Look at Okazaki factory of Mitsubishi Motors which sends it from Japan to the world and the challenge of engineers by all means.
Face book:https://bit.ly/2UmgEhu


JIA: Keynote Speech and Dialogue on Youtube

Matsui's keynote speech and dialog at the Information Symposium 2018 at the JIA(Japan Architectural Institute)at the end of last year was published on the Youtube site of the JIA Information Systems Technical Committee.

JIA Architectural Information Technology Committee
Information symposium 2018

Keynote speech by Tatsuya Matsui
"Robot Design as an Environmental Plan"

Information Sympo 2018 Dialog "AI Robotics"
Assoc.Prof Ryuji Fujimura :Tokyo University of the Arts
Prof Seiji Yamada : National Institute of Informatics
Tatsuya Matsui :Flower Robotics


Article published in the magazine Tarzan

Interview with Matsui (2nd edition) was published in "Sensory Body Theory" in the serialized on page 92 of Tarzan No 759. by Magazine House Publishing.. Interview about the lifestyle habits of designers such as Matsui's morning habits.
In addition, about total freelance society to begin from now on. Housing is the most creative place, home office has become an important space, and is developing expectations for future lifestyles.


CHA: The 3rd UX-Design workshop

At the IoT Enterprise Alliance CHA"Connected Home Alliance" The 3rd UX-Design workshop hosted by Matsui was held. This time, 20 people from 14 companies participated. Project to make new business model with company x company + tech x design. The theme was "Food Tech", which has high global interest, and consisted of 5 teams and had them finally announce plans that could be commercialized.


Article published in the magazine Tarzan

Interview with Matsui (1st edition) was published in "Sensory Body Theory" in the serialized on page 92 of Tarzan No 759. by Magazine House Publishing.
Interview articles focusing on the designer's body and everyday life. This content is different from Matsui's standard interview articles such as robots and design.


Matsui's lecture at Epicurean

Matsui gave a lecture on the robot at a salon for members of "Epicurean" of membership WebSite. Those interested in the robot and the trend of the society related to it gathered and active discussions were developed for three hours. We got a wide range of discussions from the position of robot research starting from place and the practical deployment theory of robots as real-world equipment.Thank you to everyone who participated.
Epicurean WEB SITE


HELLO, ROBOT. Exhibition Started in Lisbon, Portugal

Exhibition "Hello, robot." tour exhibition began with "maat" architectural design museum in Lisbon. Matsui participated in the exhibition together with many design journalists gathering from all over the world and people active in various fields in this country. We exchanged opinions with Ms Amelie Klein the curator of the Vitra Design Museum planning this exhibition. She is a design curator who learned under Ms. Paola Antonelli of MoMA and can analyze the role of design from various viewpoints.

meat: Museum Art Architecture Technology
23 Jan 2019 - 22 Apr 2019
Exhibition WEB SITE


Participate in CES 2019

World's largest consumer electronics trade fair “CES".
We accompanied the members of the Connected Home Alliance and the Las Vegas venue this year. We are analyzing various latest equipment and activities of various companies.


New Year's greetings

We wish you a happy and successful new year.
Well, From this year we are focusing on design related to Connected Home.

“A house is a robot for living”

The basic plan of the lifestyle of the 22nd century begins.
We would appreciate your favor in this year.

Best regards,

Tatsuya Matsui


New library books are published. Our work was also introduced.

Educational book “The backseat player" series (1) “The backseat player who make the impression"
Robot Designer Matsui was selected and published for this book. It is planned to be distributed to libraries nationwide.
The backseat player


Review of robot design at Tokyo Zokei University

A final review session of practical training on robot design in the lecture "Product Design B" of the third grade of the industrial design course was held.
As a guest lecturer, Matsui reviewed the design of all the students' robots. Everyone was seriously working on robot design where there are many elements other than knowledge of industrial design in the course of making designs.
Industrial design Major


Notice of article posting

Nikkei Trendy Net was featured IHI 's wireless power feeder "B / C” for EV which Matsui designed a prototype. It is taken up as a new category of smart home market that we are targeting.
Link to article


Matsui made a keynote speech

Matsui gave a keynote speech at the 41st "Information, Systems, Usage and Technology Symposium (Information Symposium 2018)" hosted by the Japan Institute of Architecture. In the latter panel discussion, architect Ryuji Fujimura became a moderator and deepened the discussion with Professor Seiji Yamada of the National Institute of Informatics on the theme "AI, robots and architecture". Contents of the day can be seen on Youtube.


Special lecture at Joshibi University of Art and Design

Matsui gave a special lecture on "Robot Design" in the course of Joshibi University of Art and Design course "Media Theory".
Many students were interested in robot design, which is a new area of design, and they attended.


Our WEB site update notice

Our official WEB site has been renewed.
We will distribute our latest news from this site.
Thank you and Hello to the world!!!


"B / C" of IHI Corporation designed by Matsui has been released

Matsui designed a prototype of IHI's wireless power feeder "B / C" for EV.
IHI's wireless power feeder "B / C" for EV
We exhibited this "B / C" prototype at the IHI booth of Nikkei Cross Trend EXPO on 11/28 29.
Matsui unified the direction of the booth design, commentary movie, venue sound, distribution card, etc. all together.
Nikkei Cross Trend EXPO 2018


Announcement of lecture

The 41st Symposium on Computer Technology of Information, Systems and Applications, (AIJISA Symposium 2018) hosted by the Architectural Institute of Japan will be held on December 6. Tatsuya Matsui is going to give a keynote address and will be taking part in the panel discussion.



Exhibition "Hello Robot" will be held in Lisbon from January 2019

"Hello Robot", an international robot design exhibition started from the Vitra Design Museum in 2017.
Our robot Patin has also been elected and it is traveling around various design museums in Europe.
This time, from 29th January to 19th April 2019 the exhibition will be held at the Architectural Design Museum MAAT in Lisbon, Portugal.
Patin will be exhibited in Portugal for the first time.
Outline of the exhibition
MAAT Museum Art Architecture Technology


Implementation of a workshop

Matsui served as lecturer at a workshop hosted by the Connected Home Alliance. The theme of his lecture was: "Work-Life Integration Achieved with Post-Olympic IoT - Thoughts on applications, services, and business required for an age in which people work for a plural number of companies, almost never go to a company, and spend much of their time at home or outside the office."


Lecture Notice

Mr. Matsui delivered a lecture to the 2nd conference of the Connected Home Alliance on the theme of “The Role of Design that Links Technology and Society.”


Serial Launch Notice

A series was started on TD MediaNet.



This year’s RoboCup was held in Montreal, Canada.
Although Flower Robotics had served as a global partner for three years running, this year it sponsored the @home League.
RoboCup Federation


Lecture Notice

This Wednesday, on June 13 from 7:00 PM, an event will be held at Toranomon Hills. Matsui will appear on Mariko Nishimura’s “Tech and Party!” Panel, Volume 3, “Learning Design and Technology from French Tech.”
This will be a chance to learn the state of the art in French technology.
We invite all who are interested to please join us!



The humanoid robot Posy developed by Flower Robotics was adopted as a mascot for the Hiyoshi Large-Scale Mixed-Use Development Project by Nomura Real Estate.
It is scheduled to appear in future advertisements and model apartments.


Interview Article Notice

An interview article was published in “Jinsei 100-nen o kangaeyou LAB [LAB for thinking about the 100-year life]”


Lecture Notice

Matsui will appear at the Asahi Shinbun DIALOG AI FORUM 2018 held at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya from May 20 to 24.
This will be a noteworthy event featuring talks about the latest technology by leading experts in a variety of fields. Please join us!
Asahi Shinbun DIALOG AI FORUM 2018


Interview Article Publication Notice

An interview article was posted on the Iwasaki Electric Company website.


Publication in GOETHE

An article entitled “Christel Takigawa: ima, ichiban ki ni naru shigoto [Christel Takigawa: What Work Is Most on Your Mind at the Moment?]” in the May issue of GOETHE published by Gentosha on March 24 featured a conversation between Matsui and Christel Takigawa. Please check it out!


Feature Publication

Ei Publishing’s magazine “Discover Japan” An interview with our company’s robots and director Tatsuya Matsui is featured on page 6 of this month’s special issue on “Future Strategies for Nippon.” IoT AI robot architecture. We believe you will be able to see the connections inherent in our company’s wide-ranging work. Please check it out!


Lecture Notice

Matsui will appear in the Japan-France Science Lecture on “Humanoid Robots in Japan and France and Their Applications” to be held at the Maison Franco-Japonaise in Ebisu. The theme will be on “The Role of Design in the Field of Robotics.”
Please check the link for more details.


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