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Publication in the METI-JOURNAL issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)

This article features an interview by the public relations department of the METI Minister’s Secretariat.
Henceforth, as the popularity of household robots grows, the nature of their design will garner more and more attention.
The article is an interview with Hisae Koyama, president of VECTOR and our own director, Mr. Matsui, both of whom are connected with robot design.
Our firm offers proposals about the forms that robots should take as industrial design for peoples’ residential environments.


Interview articles have been published.

An interview article was posted in Housing Tribune Online.


Announcement of lecture

Mr. Matsui gave a lecture at Yamaha Motor-organized "Jin-Ki-Kanno Forum".


Announcement of a press conference on the establishment of Connected Home Alliance

A press conference was held on September 14 to announce the establishment of the Connected Home Alliance that was established in July 2017. Mr. Matsui, who is the Design Director, spoke at the event.
Connected Home Alliance


Announcement of publication on the 20th issue of "Weekly Tetsuwan Atom wo Tsukurou!"

"Weekly Tetsuwan Atom wo Tsukurou!" (Astroboy ATOM) published by Kodansha 20th issue published on Patin and an interview Mr. Matsui.


Interview articles have been published.

An interview article was posted on a special site in MEN'S CLUB.


Announcement of a press release

Mr. Matsui was appointed Design Director of the Connected Home Alliance, a corporate association aiming to create a completely new IoT world of Japan quality, launched on July 25, 2017.


Announcement of lecture

Mr. Matsui presented the keynote address at the RoboCup 2017 Nagoya World Congress Commemorative Forum.


Announcement of lecture

Mr. Matsui gave a lecture at the Yokohama Rotary Club.


Announcement of lecture

Mr. Matsui spoke at the Golden Week special event held at Minato Park Shibaura on May 3.


Announcement of publication in K-OPT

K-OPT owned by K-Opticom published an interview of Mr. Matsui.


Announcement of publication in "Sunflower by Junichi Nakahara"

Mr. Matsui contributed an essay which was published on "Sunflower by Junichi Nakahara" (publisher Heibonsha).


Speech at the JST START Exhibition

Mr. Matsui presented at the exhibition of START Technology Seeds Selection and Development Project [IoT field], of which he is a member.


Announcement of publication in "Designers Creating a Comfortable Life"

Published by Shin Nihon Publishing Company, "Become a Designer! Know about Designing Work! 2 Designers Creating a Comfortable Life", introduced Mr. Matsui as one of the Japanese designers.


Announcement of publication in the "2nd".

The April issue of the "2nd" (publisher EI Publishing) published an interview of Mr. Matsui.


Lecture at the Zushi Rotary Club

We were invited to the Zushi Rotary Club to introduce about robots, their history and present, and the initiatives of Flower Robotics etc.


Announcement of publication in Numero Tokyo

Mr. Matsui appeared in the "Shi-yuu Walk" corner of the March 2017 issue of the international mode magazine "Numero TOKYO".


Announcement of publication in WWD

A preview article of "Hello, Robot" exhibition to be held at Vitra Design Museum was published on WWD. Patin has also been introduced as a work to be exhibited.
Robot exhibition held at Vitra Design Museum


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